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shine into eternity

EtsefieL, AnneJ YalE
3 March
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<>prefers not to be likened to porn stars
<>is addicted to Pickle Twang
<>spends a bit of time each week deciding what music should be played at her funeral
<>finds many small children to be geniuses
<>wonders what the future holds, and wonders if wondering will disrupt anything
<>collects quotes
<>considers love the most beautiful thing
<>doesn't cry at movies, not even sad ones, but can be moved to tears by a good song
<>loves Fight Club
<>likes being home alone
<>doesn't ever want to lose innocence
<>will one day own a chicken named Beasley
<>feels a little blue sometimes
<>enjoys being alive
accents, acting, aesthetically pleasing language, american beauty, andy warhol, anne rice, architecture, arthurian legend, autumn leaves, being cute, blushing, bows and arrows, breakfast club, buddhism, bush, candlelit evenings, cats, coffee in a can, coldplay, collecting accents, curly hair, dancing, david fincher, donnie darko, drawing, edgar lee masters, elves, empty boxes, eternal sunshine, exaggerating, existentialism, eyebrows, falling awake, fight club, forensic science, french, fried green tomatoes, gandhi, garden state, good will hunting, grand theft auto, green olives with pimentos, guitar, halloween, harry potter, honor, i heart huckabees, icicles, innocence, inspiration, islam, jellybeans, jim carrey, john lennon, justice, kissing, laughing near funny advertisements, learning to fly, life, listening intently, love, magnolia, making people laugh, making up slogans, medals, meeting new people, milo and otis, mistletoe, modest mouse, monty python, morrowind, music, mystic river, nicholas nickleby, oscar wilde, peaches, phalanges, phil hartman, piano, pina coladas, pirate lore, poetry, potatoes, psychology, rainstorms, raphael, ravioli, red hot chili peppers, rodney dangerfield, rudolph giuliani, salvador dali, samwise gamgee, scallywagon, shakespeare, singing, skiing, sneezing in private, snowmen, spider-man, surprises, teatime, the bagel underground, the cure, the great outdoors, the imaginary, theater, tolkien, tool, truth, veganism, videogames, violin, walks in the park, warm showers, watches, wonder, writing