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May. 1st, 2005 @ 09:17 pm ULTOMATO!
Current Mood: groggyNasal
Current Music: Aimee Mann, It's Not Going To Stop
TESTING. 1-2-5.

NEW IDEA: Rotate days of the week (at random) on which to wear a sign to school bearing the name of a "label" (ie 'hipster', 'jock', 'new-ager', 'punk', etc) and modify behaviors so as to make self the "Ultomato" of all people-genres. Only do this once a week, so duh masses won't catch on.

And now, I cordially envite you to lllllOOOKKEDITT!!! *flips up apron* (I love you, Robrobrob)
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